Activate the Potential of Self-Healing and Reduce the Use of Medicine

A topic as old as livestock farming: Big interest in the NORMI lecture series

With her popular lecture series, “The Role of Herbal Remedies in Veterinary Medicine,’’ veterinarian and author Dr. Cäcilia Brendieck-Worm is a welcome motivational speaker for German farmers and all of those concerned with the world of livestock farming.

The crowded halls at all eight stops in her lecture tour from Schleswig-Holstein to North Rhine-Westphalia testify to the great interest that exists in herbal remedies.

In light of society’s push to reduce the use of conventional medicines, alternative therapies and some forgotten natural remedies are playing an increasing role as sensible alternatives.

Better to opt for prevention through natural medicines than cures with antibiotics!

Frau Brendieck-Worm presents plants and herbal remedies according to their active ingredients, drug classes and therapeutic uses in an interesting and engaging program. Bitter substances, tannins and aetheric oils can trigger reactions in animals that activate their body’s own organs to heal itself. Laura Bier from Nutrilac and Lena Bösch from NORLAC then outline NORMI products such as licking buckets, fitness products and milk substitutes that include herbal supplements and extracts. NORMI is working intensively to widen the efficacy spectrum of medicinal plants.

NORMI products support the prevention of illness in calf- and milk cow stalls with high-quality herbal supplements that provide sustainable foodstuffs for a demanding society.

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